Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Fun In Michigan!

My family consists of two boys and two girls: Lee is 60, married and has 2 boys, Jan is 58 and has a boy and a girl, then there is me 50, married and no children, then Paul 45 divorced with 3 children - 2 girls and a boy. That said, we had a wonderful Christmas gathering! Lee's youngest, Arend-31, and I are the only ones that live out of state.

This is Jan with her grandsons Jason, Jr - 10 and Cole - 5

This is Big Jason's wife and mother of Jason,Jr and Cole, Diana

This is where it can get confussing. Jerry is Paul's youngest and Andre' is Paul's grandson. Got that?

This is Amanda, Paul's oldest daughter and the mother of Andre' and her husband Paul and Leah. Leah is Paul's second daughter. She turned 18 Dec. 5.

This is my oldest brother Lee and his wife Florence and their youngest son, Arend. (the one that lives out of state. New York to be exact)

Our typical Christmas is spent gathered around the kids while they open gifts. Of course there is always lots of good eats then the grown-ups play games all evening. Such as Taboo, Guesgures (sp?) Especially any new games any of the kids may have gotten.
Hope you have enjoyed my Christmas tour. I can get a bit long winded when it comes to family, since I see them only once or twice a year. We are all very close!