Friday, December 19, 2008

Final Count - 12 Inches!

Well, the final count is 12 inches of snow from 5am to 4pm! Wheeeewww! I had forgotten what it was like! I'm glad I don't have to deal with it every day all season! Having to go to work would really stink!

Are you getting sick of looking at snow? Too bad - there's more coming!

Worst Snow Storm of the Season!!!!!!

We are expecting 10" of snow today!!!! My brother called this morning and said "Are you happy now!???!!!!" Well I am excited about the snow, but I do hate that many people have to make their way to work in this mess. Once it stops the main roads will be clear.

There is a paved road just beyond the pine tree in this picture.

This is looking off the side porch, the street is just beyond that pine tree.
My sister has been out to sweep off the porch twice since 6 this morning it is now 10:30 am and it needs it again.
She cleaned this off just minutes ago - it is covered again.
There is more to come Sunday and on and off all next week. I may be stuck here till spring.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Looky What I Did!

I was just looking at all the pictures that have collected on my camera and I realized I had not shown everyone some of the projects that have kept me off the computer lately.
I made Koozies for everyone I work with at the Post Office. For all the ladies I embroidered this little vintage blue bird and flowers on one side and

Monogrammed their initial on the other side.
They sure turned out pretty. I hope they like them.
The guys got one with something that they enjoy doing on it. Danny talks about playing golf, Johnny and his wife go camping, Henry is a preacher, Larry S. and Minwell like to deer hunt and Larry M. said something about Poker Night so I jumped on that for him.
I didn't get them in bags and labeled before leaving for Michigan, so they won't get them until I get back. Oh well, they didn't know they were getting anything from me anyway. I'm always a day late and a dollar short! Sigh!

There's No Place Like Home!!!!!!!

I have two! Michigan where I was born and raised and where my brothers, sister and all the kids live. Then there is Texas where I have spent the last 27 years of my life with my soul mate and many wonderful friends! Both are home to me, but being 1300 miles apart sure makes life rough!!! When leaving Texas Monday morning, I was very sad. I was already missing my dear husband and silly little dogs! But I was so looking forward to seeing the family! In a few weeks I will be missing Texas, my husband, dogs, and my Wackies and I will be ready to be home, but not wanting to leave everyone here! Oh the agony!

For now though, I'm going to enjoy everyone here and call Wayne every day to tell him what all we did and find out how Texas is surviving without me and be happy for all my wonderful Blessing!

I'll keep yawl posted on my goings on. Hugs - Kath

Praise the Lord!!!!!

God sure does love me and watches over me! Again, just like last Christmas, I arrived at my sister's house in Michigan just hours before a snow storm!

This picture was taken Wednesday morning. I arrived Tuesday afternoon.

I left Mexia Monday morning about 7 am. The only hazard at that time was the wind. By 4 pm I was in northern Arkansas just crossing the border into Missouri and it started sleeting! What a mess! In the next two hours I saw 5 accidents! After crossing the Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois everything started clearing off. Unfortunately my car was not running very well. Missing and chugging here and there. So I decided to shut down a little earlier than planned (7 pm) fill up the car and give the ol' girl a shot of gas treatment and get a room for this old body! After a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel and checking the weather, I put myself to bed. The weather channel said the whole mid section of the country was under a "Winter Storm" warning. Could I possibly sleep a couple of hours and head out early enough to be in front of the storm????
I woke up a couple of times and checked out the window to make sure the storm had not caught up to me and about 4:30 am I couldn't stand it any more. I got up and showered and hit the road again. And Praise the Lord! It was dry roads all the way! I made great time and was at my sister's by 4:30 pm! They had been predicting the snow to start around 5 pm in the "Thumb" area of Michigan. But it didn't start until 7 or so.

This is the view from my sister's front porch on Wednesday morning!

Very beautiful! The roads were fairly clear - the salt trucks and snow plows had been out all night. All is well for right now, but there is another storm coming in on Thursday with freezing rain and more snow. I can do without the freezing rain, but I do love the snow! I feel like a kid again - hoping for a snow day! TeHe