Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deer Camp Koozies

Here are the koozies I have been working on. On one side it says "Quality Drinkin' Time Sheffield, TX" That's the town that the lease is near. On the other side there is a deer rack and it says "Nothin' But Horns".

The story, as I understand it, is that, one very cold windy hunting day, 3 fearless hunters, Wayne Wells, Wayne Hughes and Brick Sullivan took one of the hunting vehicles (one with a heater) to a favorite hunting spot. They sat quietly, sipping on an icy cold beverage, waiting for "the big one" to show up in the clearing. When suddenly something came into view. Well's drew up the binoculars and one of the other great hunters steadied their gun out the window of the vehicle and whispered, "Whadoyasee, Wells?" To which he replied softly, "Nothin' But Horns, man! Nothin' But Horns!" Well, if you know Wells like I do, then you probably already know that he added something like "Shoot the Bastard!" Any way - that's where that little saying came from. There's probably more to that story than this - but you will have to ask one of the great hunters about it to get the real feeling of being there!

Anyway - on the bottom of each koozie are the initials of each man on the deer lease. That is to keep them from fighting over them! LOL


Kathy said...

OMG! Kathleen, THOSE ARE PRECIOUS! Okay, do tell, where'd ya get the koozies, etc. I KNOW RE is going to want some for "Earley's Ice House". I've already had to make him little golf-type towels.


Rhonda said...

Wow! YOu did great. You are doing to have to do a tutorial for us.

MOLLY said...

Did you have to take them apart to embroider them? These are really great, Kathleen. You have worked really hard--your husband should give you an extra kiss for this.

Kiersten said...

Who makes the koozies that you used?? I have been looking for just the right camo and yours are it! Your koozies are unbelievable, i loveee them!