Saturday, November 1, 2008

Opening Weekend Retreat

Oh! We are having SEW much fun! With Hollowen this weekend the creatures have come out!!!!!!
Kathy has a little visitor on her machine - no more Janome chirp!

Can you believe Rhonda would let this little feller' sit on her finger?
What the heck?!?!?! They seem to be a little surprised about something!

Ok, Ok, put your eyes back in your heads and GET TO WORK! Quit playing around!

Ok - first we have Molly working diligently. She wants those RWB Wacky blocks done! It's time for something new!

Well, Kathy has quite a string of pieces there. Do you have any idea which end is up?

Who me? Well, I have decided on this border . . . well, maybe this border . . . . no I don't like that one either . . . How about. . . Well, bother!

Oh Annie! Your blue and yellow is beautiful! You go girl!

Here is a two year old project - blocks were done but not put together. It's called "Buck A Block" from "Thangles". Just love that border!

There! Borders on another project - ready to go in the "To Quilt" pile!

This one is made from "charm packs" and "jelly rolls".


Rhonda said...

Very good post Kath! Your quilt are beautiful! BTW.....that's not a real mouse....thank goodness!

MOLLY said...

Some Great Blogging! Now that your giberish is gone, maybe we will hear from you more often. Had fun and thanks for walking with us--chiggers, mosquitos, and all!

Kath said...

Oh! It was a blast girls - - chiggers, mosquitos, and all!!!! That is such a beautiful place!

I am going to try to blog more often. Thanks for all your help!


Kathy Wagner said...

What great fun y'all have!

Kathy Wagner said...

You gals really did get a lot weren't just goofing around and giggling!

Kath said...

Hey there Kathy Wagner! Thanks for visiting my blog! As you can probably tell, I'm pretty new at this - I hope to be doing a lot more of this. Keep checking back!


Rhonda said...

Hey Kath, my eyes were bugged out because that mouse was on my finger.....LOL