Monday, August 9, 2010

Woooooo Hooooo! What a ride!

That was some trip!  I had wanted to blog every day about all that I saw, but each day started around 8 a.m and didn't stop until 10 - 12 pm!  So I'll go back and fill you in!

I did post the first day 7-28-10 Mexia to Amarillo.  Wonderful day!  My level of excitement was VERY high!  Slept like a baby!

7-29-10:  Amarillo, TX to Laramie, WY

The Texas and Oklahoma panhandles were full of these Wind Farms!  They were everywhere!  We could defiantly understand why too!  There were times that the wind about blew us off the road! 
Colorado had a few too but not like Texas and Oklahoma.

Wayne was rather nervous pulling the car, so we chose to stay on 287 all the way to Limon, CO, took I70 to Bennett then secondary roads around Denver.  All that would have been just fine if we had gotten on I25 north of Denver, but we went on west to catch 287 again . .. . . . and well . . . . first it started to rain . . . . . . then it was one town after another . . . . . . one stop light after another . . . . . Lafayette, Longmont, Loveland.  All lovely towns, mind you, but very busy and scary in a motor home, pulling a car!
But we arrived at the KOA in Laramie all in one piece.  Got the motor home plugged in; took Teddy for a walk and ordered a pizza!  LOL  It was very good and delivered right to our door!

You may have to zoom in on this one to see that there are 4 antelope on the feeder road!  They are just strolling along, without a care in the world!  I love nature!  Most of it.

Here is another shot from somewhere in Co.  Can't remember where now - but I was very happy to see some mountain-ouse-ness (not a word?  Oh well) LOL

Ok!  On to Jackson Hole!

7-30-10:  Laramie, WY to Jackson, WY

Now this is where things got interesting!  This looks like a post card!  I just couldn't believe that I was seeing it with my own eyes!  Excitement level increased a little more!

I think we were between Rawlings and Rock Springs here.  Not sure.  How 'bout somewhere in Wyoming!  That works!

Here is something interesting -
That is a snow fence to help keep the snow drifts back off the road.  The trees have been planted there as a "living snow fence".  Not all places were like this.  There were many that were putting up new fencing.  Miles and miles of it!

In other places were signs with flashing lights that said:  "Road closed when flashing".  On the interstate!  You better have your snow shoes packed!

The following pictures were a little eerie!  Were they really there or was it some kind of hallucination?

Yeah!  They were there!

Here's a little place where I thought I might like to live!  During the summer!

I would even consider this one if the price was right!  LOL

Ok, I'll quite playing around and get you to Jackson, but I just can't do it tonight.  I'm off to the shower and on to bed.  Pleasant dreams all!  More to come tomorrow.


Rhonda said...

What great pictures you took....WOW!

Kath said...

Thanks Rhonda - there are more on the way!