Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moving Along

Alrighty then, looky hear now. I have made a little more progress on my studio. I have laid laminate flooring in the main room and the hallway. It looks so good I'm going to have to do something to the other room and bathroom floors as well.

We bought this flooring last fall for the bedrooms and did the guest bedroom - looks great, but when we pulled the carpet up in the master bedroom the wood floor under it looked beautiful. Just needs a little sanding and some polyurathan. So the laminate left was just enough to do my main sewing area and the hallway.

The other room will house my quilting machine. A Pfaff Hobby 1200 on an Inspira quilting frame. The work bench will be perfect for my other two hobbies - Scrapbooking and Beading.

As I move into the building, I will give more detail on what is where. I'm beginning to babble - I'm "sew" dang excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rhonda said...

Oooohhhhh looks really good. You go girl!