Friday, January 25, 2013

Project Pictures

Jen just sent these pictures of the things I made for the kids:
Kiara is wearing her apron and holding two of the super soft balls I made for Max (and her).  The burp cloths are laying next to her - they have cute cotton fabric on one side and chenille on the other.  The ABC fabric is the tub side mat - it has foam in it for Mommy to kneel on and it flops over the side of the tub with pockets to put baby wash and shampoo in.  The little green thing with legs is just a soft cotton toy for Max to grab and chew on.  Kiara asked if it was a crab, a jellyfish or a spider?  Too funny.
 This is the first apron I made for her, in the smallest size.  The one she has on is the same pattern just the next size up.
Here is Max's quilt . . . . . with Max on it!!!!  Oh!  It is so much cuter with him on it!  My, he looks tiny!

Oh how I wish I was there to snuggle in between them!  Just adorable!
I still need to make a label for the quilt.  I sent it off just hours before he was born.  You know, he wasn't coming out until I got that quilt done and in the mail!  Sorry I made you wait 3 days past his due date, Jen!  LOL
Max David Fahmy
January 7, 2013
10:28 am
8 lbs 3 oz, 20.5 inches
Big sister
Kiara Marie Fahmy

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