Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally!!!!  Found my way back in!  I have tryed a couple of times to get back in here to post and it would not let me post!  I don't know - I'm not very techy!  (That's not a word, is it?  You know what I mean.)

I have been pretty busy though.  One thing I have worked on since last post was cleaning up my sewing studio.
These pieces of fabric range from 1/2 yard to 8 yard pieces.  Pretty hard to find what I want - and - if I spot what I want . . . . . it's usually the piece on the bottom!  Of course!

I have enjoyed fondling all this fabric again.  It's almost like "new stuff"!  LOL

My dear friend over at Humble Quilter, Kathy Earley, was talking about getting card board pieces from that are for comic books.  Comic book backing boards - they are 7" x 10 1/2" and the fabric wraps neatly around it and stands nicely on the shelf, so you can see what you have:

There!  Getting better!

Above is one of the boards.  It's a little heavier than regular poster board.  I tried the poster board, actually I've used some poster board - I had to limit 1/2 yard cuts to that - they don't want to stand up so well.

You can see here, the boards are just the right size!

And, another shot of 1 of 4 sets of shelves of fabric!  I used over 500 boards on pieces between 1/2 yard and 8 yards each.  The fat quarters are still in the wire baskets (below), but I intend to redo those too . . . . one of these days.  Of course before I finished all of this I jumped into another project, which I will post about a little later.

I would highly recommend this way of storage, as it is so much easier to see your colors and patterns; to pull out pieces to "audition" for a quilt and slide it right back in if you decide not to use it.  Not to mention you get to touch and feel all that gorgeous stuff!!!!  Obsessed?  Me?  Maybe.


Vince said...

Dearest cousin.
I'm not a quilter, as you well know, and wouldn't know one fabric from another if you hit me in the head with it. BUT I applaud y'all for thinking of using comic boards for storing the fabrics. Brilliant!
I have some bags and boards of my own, but mine are for comics! Good to see you posting again and glad the computer let you back in!

Kath said...

Thanks! My friend, Kathy, is pretty smart chick! You would probably be surprised at some of the things we use is quilting that comes from places other than a quilt shop! We shop the hardware department, fishing, kitchen . . . you never know what we will re-purpose for our beloved craft! LOL I'm glad to be back in - I think it was a short between the chair and the computer actually!

Sowing Stitches said...

Now that is what I call a radical transformation! Looks great.