Friday, December 19, 2008

Worst Snow Storm of the Season!!!!!!

We are expecting 10" of snow today!!!! My brother called this morning and said "Are you happy now!???!!!!" Well I am excited about the snow, but I do hate that many people have to make their way to work in this mess. Once it stops the main roads will be clear.

There is a paved road just beyond the pine tree in this picture.

This is looking off the side porch, the street is just beyond that pine tree.
My sister has been out to sweep off the porch twice since 6 this morning it is now 10:30 am and it needs it again.
She cleaned this off just minutes ago - it is covered again.
There is more to come Sunday and on and off all next week. I may be stuck here till spring.


Rhonda said...

Kath, don't think just because it's snowing big time up there that you can't come back to Texas....LOL.....We want you back. Have fun as I know you will.
Love you!

Kathy said...

OH MY GOSH! I showed these pictures to Ron and he said "Damn! Tell her to get on a snowboard and get her A$$ back to Texas!" LOL!

Have a good time and STAY OFF THE ROADS! Remember, you are a Texas Gal now and you are not used to driving in that stuff.

MOLLY said...

ARE WE GONNA HAVE TO COME GET YOUR ASS? (Are there quilt shops close by? LOL)