Thursday, December 18, 2008

Looky What I Did!

I was just looking at all the pictures that have collected on my camera and I realized I had not shown everyone some of the projects that have kept me off the computer lately.
I made Koozies for everyone I work with at the Post Office. For all the ladies I embroidered this little vintage blue bird and flowers on one side and

Monogrammed their initial on the other side.
They sure turned out pretty. I hope they like them.
The guys got one with something that they enjoy doing on it. Danny talks about playing golf, Johnny and his wife go camping, Henry is a preacher, Larry S. and Minwell like to deer hunt and Larry M. said something about Poker Night so I jumped on that for him.
I didn't get them in bags and labeled before leaving for Michigan, so they won't get them until I get back. Oh well, they didn't know they were getting anything from me anyway. I'm always a day late and a dollar short! Sigh!


Kathy said...

Kathleen! Those are wonderful. Your friends will be surprised with such a personal gift.

You Sew Girl!

Rhonda said...

Girlfriend, you did a great job on those cozies. Me likie!

MOLLY said...

MAN! I wish I worked at the Post Office! Great Job--you are getting very professional!!